Green Makluan Ring
The Green Makluan Ring is the second of the ten Makluan Rings.


The first Mandarin hid it in the Temple of Wisdom where Howard Stark accidentally found it in New Jersey. His machine cut through the back of the ring chamber, so the ring's power wasn't activated when he took it. Howard began studying it, but after his "accident" on his plane, his associate, Obadiah Stane, started wearing it. The Mandarin eventually stole it from him.

Gene was frustrated that the ring's power wasn't active yet. He, Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey went back to the Temple of Wisdom to find out more. The temple was guarded by Dreadknight statues. When Gene accidentally activated the test of wisdom, the group was separated and the statues came to life. When Tony passed the test by reading the inscription in a sword, the statues stopped attacking and the ring's power returned. Gene now completly recived the ring's full power.



Explosion created by the ring

  • Energy Projection: This ring can project beams that impact his enemies into submission. His standard blasts are orange and flame-like in appearance. His weakest blasts are small green beams, and his most powerful are black and white. Its level of destructive force increases with more Makluan Rings.